Maende, Justus Barasa


Time is a crucial factor that influences performance in the teaching and learning process. The purpose of this study was to establish the influence of teacher Professional Development (PD) on time management. The study adopted descriptive survey design. The population of the study was 5378 respondents and 672 responded. Questionnaire, interview schedule, document analysis and Focus Group Discussions are the methods used to collect data. A pilot study was carried out in 3 schools. Quantitative data were presented in form of percentages and means while qualitative data were analyzed as themes emerged. It was established that PD highly influenced proper use of available time, punctuality in class and lesson planning with a mean rating of over 4.0. It was concluded that PD positively influenced time management that consequently led to better students’ academic performance. It was recommended that organizers of PD should focus more on time management. The findings may be useful to policy makers and educational stakeholders.

Key Words: Teacher Professional Development, Teaching and learning process, Time Management, Teacher Effectiveness.

Author contact details: Justus Barasa Maende, Senior Editor at The Jomo Kenyatta Foundation.

To cite this article: Maende , J. Barasa (2016). Teacher Professional Development Influence on Time Management in the Teaching and Learning Process in Public Secondary Schools in Mumias Sub-County, Kenya, Journal of African Studies in Educational Management and Leadership, Vol. 7, pp. 37-60,

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Available online August  2016
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